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WEB Site of “Florever” (hereinafter referred to as “This Site”) is managed, controlled and operated by “the Florever Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). User who visits and uses This Site (hereinafter referred to as “User”) shall read this “Website Policy of Florever” (hereinafter referred to as “This Policy”) before he/she uses This Site.

Article 1. (Exclusion of Liability)

1-1. The Company exercises reasonable efforts to ensure quality, accuracy,and legitimacy of all information, articles, images provided through ThisSite (hereinafter referred to as “Contents”). However, the Company gives noguarantee about correctness, veridicality, recency, etc. of the Contents.

1-2. The Company assumes no liability and responsibility for any damages,etc. which arise from using the Contents.

1-3. The Company assumes no liability and responsibility about what alllinked pages that third party provides in This Site) 1) does not containany virus, 2) does not contain any information, image or expression thatthe general public feels annoyed with, 3) have no illegal access or noillegal acquirement of User’s information, etc.

Article 2. (Prohibition)

2-1. User must not do any action of the following when he/she uses This Site.

(1) To do act that may cause damage on the Company or any third party: suchas hacking, sending of viruses, sending of spam mails, etc.;

(2) To convert or alter programs etc. in This Site illegally;

(3) To burden the server(s) that the Company uses for providing This Site(referred to as “Server”) intentionally: such as to download a huge amountof contents in a short time;

(4) To make third party use any services of This Site and/or to use theservices for third party;

(5) To violate the laws of Japan or laws of your country, or to do act thatmay violate the laws;

(6) To do act that offenses against public order and morals or to do actthat may offense against the public order and morals;

(7) To input or send false information and declaration;

(8) To cause damage on the Company and/or third party;

(9) To defame and/or to slander the Company and/or third party;

(10) To interrupt operating of This Site;

Article 3. (Copyright, etc.)

3-1. Copyright of the Contents shall belong to the Company or other rightholder of the information, etc.

3-2. User must not do any actions of the following without any approvalfrom the Company about using of all information such as articles, images,movies, programs, etc. which includes in the Contents.

(1) To reproduce copies in large numbers beyond the scope of the personaluse;

(2) To distribute and/or to deliver to third party;

(3) To use other than the scope of the purpose of the personal use;

(4) To reprint or to post to other website (including auction website andflea market application, etc.), blog, magazine, newspaper, etc.;

(5) To upload onto the Web Server, etc. and to make transmittable;

(6) To infringe copyright or other intellectual property right of theCompany;

Article 4. (Treatment of Information regarding User’s privacy)

4-1. In the case where the Company collects information related to Users’privacy, the Company treats and uses the information in accordance with “Privacy Policy of the Florever Co., Ltd.

4-2. The Company may collect information related to Users’ behavior, action, browsing history in This Site, or Users’ liking by using cookies,etc. User is able to refuse collection of these information by the Companyby disabling cookies in accordance with prescribed method.
In addition, User shall take self-responsibility for the disabling cookies,etc., that relates to cookies and the Company assumes no liability andresponsibility for all damages arising from his/her disabling cookies.

Article 5. (Interruption/Termination of This Site)

5-1. In the case either where some kind of emergency arising from thereason beyond the control of the Company such as natural disaster, hackingattack against server of This Site, communication failure, etc. occurs,where the Company conducts maintenance of the system, server, etc., of ThisSite, or where the Company determines that suspension is required, all orpart of This Site may be temporally suspended.
Therefore, in the case where the Company finds it difficult to continueproviding This Site because of ongoing of the circumstances, the Company isable to terminate This Site without adequate notice toward User.

5-2. The Company accepts no liability for any damage of User arisingdirectly or indirectly from the temporary interruption or the terminationof This Site.

Article 6. (Applicable Language)

6-1. Translations of the Japanese version of This Policy shall be providedfor Users’ convenience only.
If difference or contradiction between the translation versions and the Japanese version exists, the Japanese version of This Policy shall prevail.

Article 7. (Change of This Policy)

7-1. The Company is able to change This Policy without any prior noticetoward User.

7-2. In the case where the Company changes This Policy, the Company is ableto conclude at the time of completion of uploading and displaying on ThisSite.

7-3. User should check This Policy every time he/she access and use ThisSite and the Service. In the case where User visits and accesses multiplepages of This Site or uses the Service after the change of This Policy, theCompany deems that User acknowledge and agree with the change of ThisPolicy.

Article 8. (Jurisdiction/Governing Law)

8-1. This Policy and Guidelines, etc. are governed by and construed inaccordance with the Laws and regulations of Japan, without reference toprinciples of conflicts of laws.

8-2. In the case where all disputes association with This Policy, Tokyodistrict court shall have competent and exclusive jurisdiction for thefirst instance.


Establishment Date: September 22th, 2018

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