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[Arrangement Ideas] Neon Yellow & Standard Mum Duo

Arrangement Ideas using Neon Yellow & Standard Mum Duo


New Year’s festivity design could be extra special with our Neon Yellow roses. Neon Yellow is definitely not one of the conventional colors for preserved roses. It instantly withdraws attention and will be the focal point of the design.




Even with a traditional design, try replacing some roses to Neon Yellow; it can add a modern twist and give a completely different impression.



Neon Yellow / 92

Available with Mediana Rose, Spray Rose, Baby Rose and Piccola Blossom Rose.







Fluorescence emitting light by Mr. Meng-Tsang Liu



Neon Yellow Roses are coordinated with gold-sprayed dry wood together with our Sparkling Rose in Brown Gray and Standard Mum Duo.


There is such a big difference in saturation and texture between Neon Yellow and dried materials.


It makes Neon Yellow stand out as if fluorescent color is emitting light in the very dry texture of wood and leaves. 







Unique Japanese style centerpiece using Neon Yellow


Neon Yellow Roses are coordinated with highly saturated greens such as Grass Green and Splash Green. Unique usage of bamboo materials add a Japanese Ikebana feel.
















There is an endless possibilities using Neon Yellow with unconventional material/ color coordination. For the details of color palettes of the year, please visit our introduction video available on YouTube. Brand story of Florever is at 6:33



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