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[New Products] Dried Materials FLDR Series

Dried Materials FLDR Series

_ Foliage Perfect for Swag Style Bouquet _


We are introducing new dried foliage this March. With the new trend of “swag” style, which is similar to bouquet, but designed to be hung on the wall, our new dried foliage is perfect for that purpose. The “swag” style has effortless natural look, and our earth-toned preserved flowers, such as Brown Gray, Nude Pink, Hazelnut go very well together.



The chic and rustic concept is also making a comeback at weddings. Instead of getting all glamourous with eye-catching big flowers, the trend is leaning more toward being minimal and organic, which results in using less fresh flowers at the bridal settings and installations. It is no surprise to use dried materials and preserved flowers for bridal bouquet, and it is getting more and more common to have casual weddings, being not too formal or not too traditional.





Tail Grass / FLDR0029

Available in 910-Natural and 990-Pale Blue.

Approximately 20g per bunch

Length: Approximately from 60cm to 75cm





Fine Grass / FLDR0030

Available in 770-Light Green, 910-Natural, 930-Dark Pink, 970-Light Pink, and 990-Pale Blue.

Approximately 15g per bunch

Length: Approximately 50cm







Tail Reed / FLDR0031


Available in 910-Natural.

Approximately 5 to 7 bunches per package

Length: Approximately from 50cm to 60cm







Miscanthus / FLDR0032

Available in 910-Natural.

Approximately 5 bunches per package

Length: Approximately from 60cm to 80cm







These dried foliage effortlessly add nature feels to your interior decor just by placing them in a simple vase at the corner of your room. Please incorporate our items to your floral design this season!















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