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[New Products] 2022-2023 New Colors

2022-2023 Earth-inspired New Colors

_ Horizon Blue & Brown Gray _


We are introducing new colors of 2022-2023, Horizon Blue and Brown Gray. These two colors are inspired by the natural colors of planet earth, and both have the calming impression and subtle grayish undertone. Gentle earthy tones are very much on trend now!




Brown Gray / 401

This color is inspired by the soil. It is an all-rounder color that goes well with any kinds of colors. The combination with dried materials is also very nice.

Available with Spray Rose, Piccola Blossom Rose, Standard Carnation, and Mini Carnation.



Horizon Blue / 91

This color is inspired by the in-between blue of ocean and sky.

Available with Mediana Rose, Spray Rose, Baby Rose, Piccola Blossom Rose, Standard Carnation, and Mini Carnation.



Centerpiece arrangement using Brown Gray

Spray Roses in Sherbet Orange, and European Hydrangea Duo are coordinated with Brown Gray roses and carnations.

Unique modern bouquet using Horizon Blue

Roses in Horizon Blue is the base together with Powder Blue Andes Hydrangeas and Roses. Dried Nigella also adds a little twist.




Our 91-Horizon Blue and 401-Brown Gray are from 2022-2023 Trend Colors. Please use these colors for your next design ideas!

Florever 2022-2023 Trend Colors



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