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[New Products] Pret-a-Porter Series

Pret-a-Porter Series / FLPP


We are expanding our ready-to-use products, Pret-a-Porter series. As they come with wires affixed, they are easy to use to make big number of floral arrangements, and also perfect for lessons.




Pret-a-Porter Andes Hydrangea / FLPP2911

35 units per box

Diameter: Approximately 3.5cm to 4.5cm

Length: Approximately 10cm including wire

Available in 8 colors of 1-Pearl White, 7-Baby Pink, 10-Wine, 13-Powder Blue, 15-Soft Yellow, 43-Soft Lilac, 44-Hazelnut, and 64-Citrus Green.




Pret-a-Porter Broom / FLPP8331

30 units per bag

Diameter: Approximately 2.5cm to 3.5cm

Length: Approximately 10cm including wire

Available in 7 colors of 770-Light Green, 810-Yellow, 830-Red, 860-Pink, 870-Blue, 910-Natural, and 930-Dark Pink.







Pret-a-Porter Ivy Leaf / FLPP9401-800  &  Rose Leaf / FLPP9111-800

25 units per box                                                             50 units per box

Length: Approximately 11cm including wire





We hope our Pret-a-Porter Series will be a good option to save your time!



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