florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

※▲Items available until the stock runs out.           51010507081012131417295869Products108 PinkMixUnits(1 box)4 Units×1 Colors、2 Units×2 Colors Boxes(1 ctn)Pearl White01Cherry Red05Baby Pink07Hot Pink08Grand Blue12Powder Blue1322New York Pink29Tangerine OrangeFuchsia Pink58Silky Gray83301Snow Pink302White HoneyCitrus Soda305  FL092ProductsGrace Rose with StemUnits(1 box)Boxes(1 ctn)Pearl WhiteCherry RedBaby PinkHot PinkWineGrand BluePowder BlueLavenderGolden YellowTangerine OrangeFuchsia PinkMerlotFL0301Mediana Rose122 BlueMix48(4)  (4) Stem RoseFL012Standard Rose with Stem1220RoseFL051Baby Rose108 PinkMix122 BlueMix4 Units×3 Colors40FL072SeriesFL5042Short Stem RoseGarden RoseCatherine with Stem63FLPP0101Prêt-à-Porter Standard Rose32 Stem Rose Bulk PackingsFL095Premium Rose with StemFL504FL505Garden Rose Catherine ▲Garden Rose Catherine Duo▲688111616--6-4848FL013FL073Standard Rose with StemShort Stem Rose12

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