florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

48FloreverColombia is where Florever is from, the second largest flower exporting country in the world. Thanks to the unique geography and natural environment by the Andes, Colombia nurtures abundant beautiful flowers making it an ideal location for Florever to source and preserve our flowers. In order to ensure a stable supply and larger selection of flowers, Florever products are now produced in multiple locations around the world.Preserved FlowersPreserved flowers are natural products that have under-gone a preservation process of a revolutionary technolo-gy to take out the water from fresh flowers and replace with preserving solution. This enables preserved flowers to maintain their beautiful fresh appearance for months or even years with no need to water or sunlight. With each petal being soft and healthy, it is almost difficult to distinguish Florever preserved flowers from fresh flowers. They are ideal for gifts, wedding bouquets, interior deco-ration and even accessories.VarietyFlorever offers a wide variety of flowers, sizes and colors. Our product range includes roses, carnations, gardenias, chrysanthemums, orchids, hydrangeas, calla lilies and foliage. With more than 40 colors, 9 rose sizes and 700 product references, designers can create arrangements to fit all tastes and budgets.Safety & EnvironmentFlorever is committed to sustainable development and we take eco-friendly production practices at the farm and factory. Usage of agrichemicals is minimized, plant residue is used to produce compost (natural fertilizer), and the used water is purified before it returns to the environment. Further, Florever uses harmeless solutions and colorants that are also commonly used in food. We believe that our eco-friendly production will continue to maintain healthy and fertile soil – the source of good quality flowers.Social ResponsibilityIn 2006, the Florever House was established in Bogo-ta, the capital of Colombia, as an interactive center for orphans. The facility offers educational programs and opportunities to learn important skills with compu-ter classes and bakery lessons. Thanks to the support of flower designers, Florever organizes various charity events to raise funds to update equipment and facilities for the house.About Florever

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