florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

47The latest information is available here!Florever WEBFloreverwww.florever.comInstagram @florever.co.jpYouTube @floreverJPNCautions and Proper Use:• Do not water them as preserved flowers do not require any water or sunlight.• Do not place them near fire as they are flammable.• Avoid high humidity, direct sunlight, and/or extremely dry conditions. It will cause leakage of color liquid, color faded, and/or the petal damages.At the high humidity condition, the petals get semitransparent. However, it would be back to the normal when the humidity is back in low. The preserved products are best kept at 30% to 80% of humidity.• Avoid direct touch of the preserved products to the wall, fabrics (such as curtain), or outfits as color may be transmitted. In the case the color transmits, please check the material, then put neutral detergent into the stain and wash by tapping.• Avoid direct touch of the preserved products to any materials of oil painting or varnish, or plastics. The flowers would be attached to it and/or theycause the stain on it.• The insects and the other materials might contaminate the preserved flowers and foliage depending on the storage conditions and environ-ment as our preserved products are all from natural flowers and plants. No insect killer and mold controller were added. Please be aware of the storage conditions so the original beauty of the preserved could be maintained.• The preserved products are not edible. Avoid small children to put them into their mouth.Notes for the Products:• Due to the nature of the products that are made from natural flowers, size, color and condition may slightly differ.• The thin papers and buffer materials are for the protection of the flowers inside box. The texture of paper material may slightly be different based on the lot, and the color of flowers may transmit to the papers, but it would not affect the purpose as protection. • The price, product specification, and the other conditions may change without prior notice.• The number of boxes per master carton may change without prior notice.• Please be aware that the metal products may change its color and cause rust.Care of Preserved Flowers

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