florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

※▲Items available until the stock runs out. riedMaterialsD ※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may differ slightly from the image in the catalogue.FLDR0016-770 FLDR0016-830 FLDR0016-930 FLDR0021-770 FLDR0021-910 FLDR0021-940 FLDR0016-800 FLDR0016-870 FLDR0016-950 FLDR0021-820 FLDR0021-930 FLDR0021-960 FLDR0016-810 FLDR0016-910 FLDR0016-970 FLDR0024-800 FLDR0024-870 FLDR0024-930 FLDR0024-830 FLDR0024-910 FLDR0024-960 37Light GreenRedDark PinkLight GreenNaturalLight BlueGreenBlueLilacOrangeDark PinkPurpleYellowNaturalLight Pink▲ Cineraria Flower DRIED■20g (Approx. 10 units) per bunch 80 bunches per master■Length: 17cm ■Available in one color▲ FLDR0026-810 YellowGreenBlueDark PinkRedNaturalPurplePhalaris DRIED■20g per bunch / 80 bunches per master ■Length: 40cm ■Available in 9 colorsAvena DRIED■30g per bunch / 80 bunches per master ■Length: 50cm ■Available in 6 colors Yarrow DRIED■30g per bunch 40 bunches per master■Length: 50cm ■Available in 6 colors

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