florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

Oi:ii..Sze10cmSze: 3〜5cmSze: 45〜65cmther Flowers※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may differ slightly from the image in the catalogue.※ NEW Items will be launched in September 2022. ※ NEW Items are available now.NEWFL330-14 NEWFL295-307 24Size: 3〜4cmSize: 5〜6cmSize: 2〜5cmLavender※Some color residue may be presenton the stem.※There may be a slight sheen left due to the unique nature of the fresh flowers.FL295-306 Cream×PinkFL380-03 FL312-01 Pearl WhiteFL330-01 Pearl WhiteFL330-17 Golden YellowIvoryFL312-17 Golden YellowFL330-07 Baby PinkFL330-65 Pink OpalFL380-17 Golden YellowFL330-13 Powder BlueFL330-64 Citrus GreenGreen×RedTuberose■8 units per box 40 boxes per master ■Diameter: 2〜5cm Length: 4.5〜6.5cm ■Available in 7 colorsEuropean Hydrangea Duo with Stem■1〜4 units per bunch/15 bunches per master ■Length: 30cm ・ Diameter: 18〜25cm ■Available in 5 colorsMini Calla Lily■5 units per box 40 boxes per master ■Diameter: 3〜4cm ・ Length: 10cm ■Available in 2 colorsGardenia■3 units per box 64 boxes per master ■Diameter: 5〜6cm Length: 3〜5cm ■Available in 2 colors

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