florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

※▲Items available until the stock runs out. ther Flowers※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may differ slightly from the image in the catalogue.FL451-02 FL431-07 Baby Pink22Size: 4〜6.5cmSize: 5〜8cmFlowers used in this arrangement: Aster(Aurora Violet) Pompon Mum (Aurora Violet) Pompon Mum (Baby Pink) Pompon Mum (Soft Lilac) Standard Mum(Pearl White) Eucalyptus Cinerea(Wine) Lamb's Ear in Box(Gray) Phalaris DRIED(Lilac) Phalaris DRIED(Light Pink)※They could be arranged as if the flowers are blooming by opening up the petals.※he petals are not reinforced to keep the natural look of the flowers. Please use glue to give it support as needed.Designed by Hiromi IwataFL451-01 Pearl WhiteVioletFL451-07 Baby PinkFL431-01 Pearl WhiteFL431-18 Yellow▲ FL431-35 RubyFL451-43 Soft LilacFL431-17 Golden YellowFL431-64 Citrus GreenOStandard Mum■6 units per box / 48 boxes per master ■Diameter: 4〜6.5cm ・ Length: 3〜4.8cm ■Available in 4 colorsAnastasia■3 units per box / 64 boxes per master ■Diameter: 5〜8cm ■Available in 6 colors

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