florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

Carnatios※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may differ slightly from the image in the catalogue.FL1400-08 FL1400-02 FL1400-05 Cherry RedFL1400-14 FL1401-07 FL1402-07 FL1402-64 Citrus GreenFL1400-07 FL1400-64 Citrus GreenFL1401-08 FL1401-64 Citrus GreenFL1402-08 21Size: 2〜2.5cmHot PinkSize: 3〜4.9cmSize: 2.5〜4.5cmFlowers used in this arrangement: Snow Star(Pearl White) Snow Star(Baby Pink) Dianthus(Pearl White) Dianthus(Baby Pink) Dianthus(Hot Pink) Cineraria(Gray) MicroCarnation(Baby Pink) MicroCarnation(Hot Pink) MicroCarnation(Citrus Green) Andes Hydrangea(Pearl White) Andes Hydrangea(Citrus Green) Flower Pins(Blue) Flower Pins(Lavender)※ The center part may be slightly yellowish.※ There may be sheer on the petals.※ There will be variations in the shape and number of petals.* There may be sheer on the petals.* There will be variation in the shape and number of petals.Designed by Yoshimi KurodaBaby PinkHot PinkHot PinkFL1400-01 Pearl WhiteFL1400-13 Powder BlueFL1401-01 Pearl WhiteFL1401-14 FL1402-01 Pearl WhiteFL1402-14 LavenderLavenderYellowLavenderBaby PinkBaby PinkSnow Star■18 units per box 40 boxes per master ■Diameter: 2.5〜4.5cm ■Available in 5 colorsMicro Carnation■20 units per box 120 boxes per master ■Diameter: 2〜2.5cm ■Available in 8 colorsDianthus■12 units per box 40 boxes per master ■Diameter: 3〜4.9cm ■Available in 5 colors

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