florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

2022-202311Flowers used in this arrangement: 【Right】 Pompon Mum Duo(White ×Green) Andes Hydrangea(Powder Blue) Brooms(Red) Briza DRIED(Light Pink) Phalaris DRIED(Light Green) 【Left】 Pompon Mum Duo(White ×Pink)  Andes Hydrangea(Citrus Green) Briza DRIED(Red) Phalaris DRIED(Light Pink) Designed by Yoshimi Kuroda Flowers used in this arrangement: Spray Rose(Horizon Blue) Piccola Blossom Rose(Horizon Blue) Mini Carnation(Horizon Blue) European Hydrangea Duo with Stem(Blue×Burgundy) Spray Rose(Powder Blue) Spray Rose(Lavender) Spray Rose(Violet)  Spray Rose(Mist Green) Baby Rose(Mist Green) Andes Hydrangea(Powder Blue) Flower Pins(Blue) Flower Pins(Lavender) Designed by Yoshimi Kuroda Pompon Mum Duo - P23European Hydrangea Duo with Stem - P24Color Palette03: Bright Warm ColorsColor Palette06: Rich Dark ColorsNEW PRODUCTSEuropean Hydrangea Duo with StemPompon Mum Duo

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