florever Catalogue 2022-2023 English version

2022-202310Flowers used in this arrangement: Spray Rose(Brown Gray) Piccola Blossom Rose(Brown Gray) Mini Carnation(Brown Gray) Mini Carnation(Hazelnut) Spray Rose(Hazelnut) Spray Rose(Green Tea) Spray Rose(Forest Green)  Piccola Blossom Rose(Green Tea) Piccola Blossom Rose(Forest Green) Tuberose(Baby Pink) Tuberose(Pink Opal) Solidago Blossom(Green) Mingfern(Green) Trigo Wheat DRIED(Dark Pink) Amarelino DRIED(Yellow) Designed by Yoshimi KurodaFlowers used in this arrangement: Mediana Rose(Horizon Blue) Spray Rose(Horizon Blue) Baby Rose(Horizon Blue) Piccola Blossom Rose(Horizon Blue) Standard Carnation(Horizon Blue) Mini Carnation(Horizon Blue) Flat Moss(Green) Spray Rose(Powder Blue) Spray Rose(Mist Green) Spray Rose(Glass Green) Spray Rose(Forest Green) Piccola Blossom Rose(Powder Blue)  Piccola Blossom Rose(Glass Green) Solidago Blossom(Green) Designed by Yoshimi KurodaRoseCarnationRoseCarnationColor Palette 02:Colors of Greenery, Water, and SoilColor Palette 01:Colors of Greenery, Water, and SoilNEW COLORSBrown GrayHorizon Blue

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