florever Catalogue 2021-2022

Products used in this arrangement:7-Baby Pink46-Panna Cotta301-Snow Pink58-Fuchsia Pink1-Pearl White30-Milky Pink65-Pink Opal61-Lavender Pink910-Natural830-Red47-Sugar Pink930-Dark PinkLet's have a tea party! Colorful flowers come out flowing as we type letters.Sparks Joy in Your Heart - Gorgeous Energizing ColorsKeyword: Energy / Extraordinary / Temptation / Vivid / Memories / Love / TomorrowAfter a long time spent at home, we are starting to miss the sense of freedom and excitement. We are attracted to vivid fun colors that seem to express gorgeous glow of sunsets at a resort, or the uplifting feeling of dressing up to go out. Colors that are full of energy will take you out from the ordinary life.Supported by Kimiko Yamamoto & Flutter Designs8

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