florever Catalogue 2021-2022

770-Light Green940-Light Blue870-Blue800-GreenProducts used in this arrangement:56-Cotton Blue25-Green Tea1-Pearl White13-Powder Blue1-Pearl White910-NaturalThe next place we are visiting is deep in the forest where a "water spirit" lives.Taking in Fresh Crisp Air – Colors of Clean & Clear ImpressionKeyword: Cleanliness / Pure / Air / Water / Forest bath / Life / PhotosynthesisAfter spending every day feeling like you're holding your breath, you begin to feel like you want to ll every corner of your body with clean air, and you want to immerse yourself in clear blue water. With increased awareness of hygiene, refreshing colors with a sense of cleanliness will be needed. This color scheme has a somewhat mystical expression of deep in the forest where spirits reside, which reminds you of clean oxygen that was just created by photosynthesis.Supported by Hiroyuki Tomita & Flutter Designs6

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