florever Catalogue 2021-2022

How PreservedFlowers are Made3.Quality Control & PackingAfter the preservation process, the owers are inspected one by one again to see if they meet the quality requi-rements, and verify that the size is within the standard using a ruler. The rst sorting is performed for fresh owers, but we conduct several sorting / inspections for each step of ma-nufacturing process for certain criteria such as color and size. Only the owers that passed all the inspections are nally put into Florever boxes.4.ShipmentOnce preparations are completed, our products are loaded onto trucks and transported to the port. They are loaded onto ships at a port in Colombia and depart for Japan to sail about 14,300km. After arriving in Japan, the products are stored temporarily in our warehouse in Miyagi prefecture and shipped to the customers.1.Cultivation & HarvestingMany of the fresh owers are carefully grown on spe-cial farms around the factory dedicated for the pre-served owers of Florever. Just by the Andes, with its unique geography and natural environment like an everlast-ing year-round spring and the day-night tempera-ture di erences, it is a perfect place to grow beautiful healthy owers. To ensure the best quality, owers are selected carefully and cut daily at the best timing on our farms.2.Sorting & ProcessingBefore starting the preservation process, we go through a long checklist for owers such as size, freshness, shape and so on, and select only the fresh owers that meet the standard. We use the same solutions and colorants as those used in food, medical and textile manufacturing for keeping our health and environment in mind.49

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