florever Catalogue 2021-2022

5-Cherry Red8-Hot Pink12-Grand Blue17-Golden YellowVase with Short StemS-shape Stem Rose Set FLMB0200■12 units per master■Vase size: W5cm D6cm H24cm Stem Rose Diameter: 3.5〜5cm, Length: 20cm■Available in 4 colorsPackage sample※Please specify the color code when making order.Modern BloomThis simple, modern vase is handmade by Japanese craftsmen to acac-centuate the beauty of a single stem rose. Custom-made for Florever,this is the perfect match for our short stem rose.※Vase material: Aluminum Made in Japan S-shapeFLMB0201-99■12 units per master■ Vase size: W5cm D6cm H24cm※This product code is only for the vase.The brand ALART is established in 1947.ALART is pursuing the possibility of using the aluminum materials based on the concept of unique ideas with creativedesigns that sparks your creativity.46※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may di er slightly from the image in the catalogue.Gift Collection

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