florever Catalogue 2021-2022

Standard Rose with StemFL012■20 units per master■Rose diameter: 4.5〜6cmStem length: 40cmTransparent plastic case: Approx. 43cm■Available in 7 colorsGrace Rose with StemFL092■12 units per master■Diameter: 7.5〜9cmStem length: 52cmTransparent plastic case: Approx. 55cmExterior dark brown package: Approx. W8.2 D9.3 H56.7cm■Available in 8 colors7-Baby Pink10-Wine12-Grand Blue17-Golden Yellow5-Cherry Red8-Hot Pink29-TangerineOrange1-Pearl WhiteNo.ColorFL092-01Pearl WhiteFL092-05Cherry RedFL092-07Baby PinkFL092-08Hot PinkFL092-10WineFL092-12Grand BlueFL092-17Golden YellowFL092-29Tangerine OrangeNo.ColorFL012-01Pearl WhiteFL012-05Cherry RedFL012-07Baby PinkFL012-08Hot PinkFL012-12Grand BlueFL012-17Golden YellowFL012-29Tangerine OrangeCut and use this POPon your display.“Thanks Mom”: 1“Happy Valentine”: 1Blank: 2You can write a personalized message directly on thepackage.The excellent set of 9 stem roses with the wonderful package so that you can display as it is.The color variation is good for any scenes.Short Stem Rose Display Set FLDP072-200■Contents: (9 Short Stem) Color: Cherry Red (3 units) Baby Pink (2 units) Hot Pink (2 units) Golden Yellow (2 units)▲GardenFL072019FL072Message EucalyptusFL072021Short Stem Rose ■Diameter: 3.5〜5cm・Stem length: 20cm Transparent plastic case: Approx. 22cm Exterior black package: Approx. W8.2cm D6cm H26cm■Available in 12 colorsPlease select the package according to the occasions. Our Short Stem Rose is a perfect option for a small gift, and also could be combined together with something else.5-Cherry Red8-Hot Pink29-TangerineOrange14-Lavender17-GoldenYellow▲16-SherbetOrange13-PowderBlue12-GrandBlue69-Merlot58-Fuchsia Pink7-Baby Pink1-Pearl White※ Image of product after assembly※ W25cm D18.5cm H43cm※ Image of product before assembly※ W25cm D18.5cm H26cm45※▲Items available until the stock runs out.※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may dier slightly from the image in the catalogue.Gift Collection

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