florever Catalogue 2021-2022

Circle DiamondFLAC08-04■1 unit per bag 72 bags per master■W4.5cmThe buckles can be used not only in bouquets but also as napkin holders and other decorations at wedding.Bouquet & Ribbon Buckles Size: 7cmSize: 1cmBack sideThese unique-shaped magnet sticks allow you to make original corsages.Flowers can be easily attached with glue or secured with wires.LaceSilverFLFH03-03■1 unit per bag12 bags per masterSize: 2cmSize: 4.5cmBelle EpoqueGoldFLFH02-02■1 unit per bag12 bags per master※Back sideSize: 1.5cmSize: 5cmBelle EpoqueSilverFLFH02-03■1 unit per bag12 bags per masterRhinestone DiamondFLFH04-04■1 unit per bag12 bags per masterSize: 2.5cmSize: 4cmIdeal to make boutonnieres and corsages that do not damage clothing.Magnet Holder LineBrooch Base with ClipPin BroochesContains 3 sets, each of which is a pair.Magic Sticks ClearFLFH05-05■3 sets per bag 12 bags per master※Since the magnets are strong, forcibly separating them can result in tearing the product,Please detach them by sliding the sticks.※In case the magnet comes off, use handicraft glue, and stick it back in place.※Please visit our website for details.Versatile brooch base with both pin and clip.Ideal to make accessories with preserved flowers. They make beautiful and original brooches to adorn jackets or shawls.Brooch Base with Clip Antique GoldFLAC21-08  ■1 unit per bag 72 bags per maste■W5.5cm / Clip: L4cm▲Pansy SilverFLAC14-04■1 unit per bag 72 bags per maste■W3cm・L8cm▲Sakura SilverFLAC13-03 ■1 unit per bag 72 bags per maste■W2cm・L7cmBack side▲Ring Base Antique GoldFLAC20-08■2 units per bag 72 bags per master■W1cm Size: AdjustableThe size can be adjusted for a perfect t.Ring▲Ear Hook SilverFLAC22-03■2 units per bag 72 bags per master■L6cm※The ear hook can be worn on either ear.Designed by Kae KuwashimaEar HookThe ear hook is a trendy accessory that ts around the outer ear. It requires no piercing and can be worn for any occasion. The basic shape is designed to easily attach pre-served owers to create unique accessories.43Magic SticksFlax※▲Items available until the stock runs out.※Please refrain from using the product if you have a pacemaker as the magnet is quite strong.※The color from the owers may damage clothing if there is direct contact with the fabric.

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