florever Catalogue 2021-2022

Flower Pins 72 units per caseFLAC51■72 units per case 72 cases per master■W0.4cm・L8cmFlower Pins 20 units per bagFLAC50■20 units per bag 72 bags per master■W0.4cm・L8cmNEWFlower Pins 72 units per caseFLAC52-15■72 units per case 72 cases per master■ W0.15cm・L7.5cmSize: 0.4cmSize: 8cmSize: 0.15cmSize:7.5cmOur Flax series provides tools to make unique flower arrangements and accessories. Flax is not only ideal to design flowers for special occasions but also to be used for daily fashion use.They are easy to match to any arrangements from pop design to chic one.These flower pins have small heads and are long enough to make arrangements easier. They are useful when you want to use the pins discreetly, or use them with delicate flowers.5-Clear12-Blue15-Basic10-Yellow13-Green11-Red14-LavenderNo wiring required.Insert directly intoflowers.Easy and safe!Enjoy flower arrangements easily and in style with these pins.How to useFlower Pins40Flax※NEWItems will be launched in October 2021.

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