florever Catalogue 2021-2022

inviting us to go into the woods.A butterfly flew in from somewhereWrapped in a Sense of Security - Soft and Basic ColorsKeyword: Sense of Security / Stability / Blending in / Blurring / Neutral / WarmthProducts used in this arrangement:1-Pearl White3-Ivory1-Pearl White1-Pearl White1-Pearl White1-Pearl White910-Natural1-Pearl White21-Light Cafe1-Pearl White840-GrayAn era of the unseen pandemic. It has greatly changed the way of life, and the adjusting process has caused everyone stress which has accumulated without you realizing. With anxious feelings of not knowing what will happen in the future, gentle and calm colors are necessary more than ever. The color scheme has softness, that relieves tension and provide you with calmness when you spend time re ecting on yourself.Supported by Sayaka Takenaka & Flutter Designs4

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