florever Catalogue 2021-2022

870-Blue860-Pink930-Dark Pink960-Purple810-Yellow830-Red910-Natural▲ 910-Natural930-Dark Pink890-Black950-Lilac950-Lilac940-Light Blue970-Light Pink770-Light Green770-Light GreenBriza DRIEDFLDR0012■20g per bunch 80 bunches per master■Length: 45cm■Available in 8 colorsWe have a variety of colors and kinds that are easy to combine with preserved owers.Amarelino DRIEDFLDR0011■20g per bunch 80 bunches per master■Length: 30cm■Available in 8 colorsFlowers used in this arrangement: Micro Rose(Caribbean Blue)Amarelino DRIED(Natural)Phalaris DRIED(Green)Phalaris DRIED(Natural)Avena DRIED(Light Blue)Trigo DRIED(Natural)Trigo DRIED(Light Blue)Nigella DRIED(Light Green) Designed by Chiaki Kimura35※▲Items available until the stock runs out. ※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may dier slightly from the image in the catalogue.Dried Materials

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