florever Catalogue 2021-2022

NEW Pole Moss Bulk FL825 ■1 bag(1.6kg) / carton■Available in one color770-Light Green790-Lime Green800-Green780-Olive Green820-Orange800-Green780-Olive Green790-Lime Green810-Yellow860-Pink890-Black830-Red920-Aquamarine910-NaturalPole Moss FL823■30g part / 1-3 parts per bag 40 bags per master■Available in one color800-Green770-Light GreenNordic Moss 500gFL821■500g per bag 12 bags per master■Available in 4 colorsNordic Moss 50gFL820■50g per bag / 48 bags per master■Available in 11 colorsPole Moss L Package FL824■150g per bag 8 bags per master■Available in one color※Size of area that can be covered: 30cm square.※Depends on the color, the color spots may possibly be visible.※Pine needles and the other natural components may possibly be mixed.You can break it by hand※The size of each piece may vary.34※ NEW Items are available now. ※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may dier slightly from the image in the catalogue.Greens

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