florever Catalogue 2021-2022

“Story to Hope”To protect ourselves from the unseen virus, we try to continue life with bated breath. As way of life changed, we had an opportunity to recon-sider what we had taken for granted about ourselves, our families, and our homes.More than ever, "a sense of security" and "warmth" have become im-portant for home spaces. As we spend more time shut inside a small space, we get an urge to go outside to feel nature. We will be gradually starting to go back to daily life and spend more time outside. When the time comes, what we want is a "sense of cleanliness"; color designs with a refreshing "clean feel" will be welcomed.When you breathe in crystal clear air, being wrapped in warmth of the sun, wouldn't it give you the power to take a step forward? People will surely be seeking "thrills" and be ready full of "energy" to create a new, comfortable life.“Story to Hope” - It is a story that leads us to a hopeful future expres-sed by the combination of materials and the 2021-2022 trend colors.Like turning pages of a picture book, please enjoy our story of trend colors.Color supervision by Japan Fashion Color Association (JAFCA)Flower design by KokoTRENDCOLORS2021-20223

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