florever Catalogue 2021-2022

7-Baby Pink1-Pearl WhiteOur Pret-a-Porter series is ready to be used right out of the box as they come with wires axed.Prêt-à-Porter Standard RoseFLPP0101■6 units per box / 32 boxes per master■Diameter: 5~7cm including wire■Available in 6 colorsPlease contact us if you are interested in any other colors.※ Fairy Blooming Technique is used in this product to open up owers.※ Wire is axed to the back of owers.NEW Prêt-à-Porter BroomsFLPP8331  ■30 units per bag 60 bags per master■Diameter: 2.5~3.5cm Length: 10cm including wire■Available in 7 colorsDiameter: 5〜7cm1-Pearl White5-Cherry Red7-Baby Pink29-Tangerine Orange58-Fuchsia Pink22-New York Pink64-Citrus Green770-Light Green43-Soft Lilac830-Red44-Hazelnut810-Yellow15-Soft Yellow860-Pink10-Wine910-Natural930-Dark Pink13-Powder Blue870-BlueNEW Prêt-à-Porter Ivy LeafFLPP9401-800■25 units per box 120 boxes per master■Length: 11cm including wireNEWPrêt-à-Porter Rose LeafFLPP9111-800■50 units per box 120 boxes per master■Length: 11cm including wireLength: 11cmLength: 11cmLength: 10cmLength: 10cmNEW Prêt-à-Porter Andes HydrangeaFLPP2911■35 units per box 60 boxes per master■Diameter: 3.5〜4.5cm Length: 10cm including wire■Available in 8 colorsPrêt-à-Porter Collection29Prêt-à-Porter※ NEW Items will be launched in October 2021. ※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may dier slightly from the image in the catalogue.

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