florever Catalogue 2021-2022

10-Wine5-Cherry Red8-Hot Pink85-Flamingo Orange20-Cherry Blossom30-Milky Pink46-Panna CottaStandard CarnationFL1100■6 units per box 30 boxes per master■Diameter: 5cm■Available in 39 colorsSize: 5cmSize: 3cmMini CarnationFL1200■12 units per box / 40 boxes per master■Diameter: 3cm■Available in 38 colors※No. 40 Cranberry is unavailable.1-Pearl White75-Salty Lime44-Hazelnut68-Ash Gray18-Violet21-Light Cafe19-Cafe26-Midnight Black56-Cotton Blue43-Soft Lilac14-Lavender▲ 40-Cranberry13-Powder Blue86-Aurora Violet76-Splash Green2-Yellow15-Soft Yellow17-Golden Yellow16-Sherbet Orange6-Sunset Orange7-Baby Pink61-Lavender Pink81-Lavender Fizz80-Blue Margarita64-Citrus Green88-Grass Green65-Pink Opal55-Nude Pink4-Peach25-Green Tea90-Dolce PinkNEW89-Pure PurpleNEW20※NEWItems will be launched in October 2021.※▲Items available until the stock runs out. ※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may di er slightly from the image in the catalogue.CarnationsCarnations

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