florever Catalogue 2021-2022

89-Pure PurpleNEW83-Silky Gray13-Powder Blue12-Grand Blue18-VioletBlue MixNEW Mediana Rose Color Palette BlueMixFL0301-122■Powder Blue (4 units), Silky Gray (2 units), Grand Blue (2 units) per box 48 boxes per masterNEW Baby Rose Color Palette BlueMixFL051-122■Powder Blue(4 units), Silky Gray(4 units), Grand Blue(4 units) per box 40 boxes per masterNEW Mediana Rose Color Palette Pink MixFL0301-108■Baby Pink(4 units), Hot Pink(2 units), Fuchsia Pink(2 units) per box 48 boxes per masterBaby Rose Color Palette Pink MixFL051-108■Baby Pink(4 units), Hot Pink(4 units),  Fuchsia Pink(4 units) per box 40 boxes per masterPink Mix58-Fuchsia Pink7-Baby Pink8-Hot PinkSize: 1.8〜2.5cmSize: 2〜3cmFL041■18 units per box / 40 boxes per master■Diameter: 2〜3cm ・ Length: 1.8〜2.5cm■Available in 36 colorsPiccola Blossom Rose1-Pearl White5-Cherry Red37-Cardinal10-Wine46-Panna Cotta 29-Tangerine Orange17-Golden Yellow15-Soft Yellow75-Salty Lime64-Citrus Green47-Sugar Pink74-Wild Cherry20-Cherry Blossom8-Hot Pink22-New York Pink85-Flamingo Orange76-Splash Green7-Baby Pink55-Nude Pink73-Smoky Pink25-Green Tea88-Grass Green▲ 59-Majolica Blue26-Midnight Black13-Powder Blue83-Silky Gray400-Forest Green72-Caribbean Blue14-Lavender43-Soft Lilac81-Lavender FizzColor Palette Collection90-Dolce PinkNEW86-Aurora VioletNEW12-Grand BlueNEW18※ NEW Items will be launched in October 2021. ※▲Items available until the stock runs out. ※Due to the nature of the products, the color and size may dier slightly from the image in the catalogue.Color PaletteS Rose CategoryPiccola Blossom Rose

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