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  • New Colors 2017
  • Moon Light Rose (Grow in the dark rose)
  • Flower Accessories/FLAX

Basic Items

Basic Items

  • Rose
  • Rose with Stem
  • Sparkling Rose
  • Carnation
  • Mum
  • Gardenia
  • Orchid
  • Tuberose
  • Mini Calla
  • Ajisai
  • Green Ball
  • Green

Color Variation

Color Variation


01 Pearl White

03 Ivory

16 Sherbet Orange

29 Tangerine Orange

06 Sunset Orange

17 Golden Yellow

15 Soft Yellow

02 Yellow

25 Green Tea

23 Green

24 Apple Green

62 Pistachio Green

64 Citrus Green

11 Mint Green

42 Mist Green

13 Powder Blue

12 Grand Blue

59 Majolica Blue

69 Merlot

18 Violet

14 Lavender

43 Soft Lilac

46 Panna Cotta

04 Peach

07 Baby Pink

30 Milky Pink

61 Lavender Pink

47 Sugar Pink

20 Cherry Blossom

65 Pink Opal

55 Nude Pink

40 Cranberry

35 Ruby

37 Cardinal

58 Fuchsia Pink

08 Hot Pink

22 New York Pink

05 Cherry Red

10 Wine

21 Light Café

19 Café

68 Ash Gray

26 Midnight Black

106 Fruit Mix

104 Blue Mix

103 Pink Mix

00 Moonlight

72 Caribbean Blue

56 Cotton Blue

32 Princess Blue

44 Hazelnut

33 Autumn Leaf

by Leave colors

77 Light Green

78 Olive Green

79 Lime Green

80 Green

81 Yellow

82 Orange

83 Red

84 Gray

85 Wine

86 Pink

87 Blue

88 Brown

89 Black

92 Aquamarine

91 Natural

06 Gray

02 Gold

03 Silver

04 Diamond

05 Clear

08 Antique Gold

Special Lineup

Special Lineup

Stem Roses

Stem Roses

Rose stems are preserved together with their leaves to capture the beauty of fresh stem roses.

Flower Gift Box

Flower Gift Box

Florever's gift box is ideal for a special, lasting gift. This collapsible, stylish box comes with a short stem preserved rose and gift card. You can complement the set with any item of your choice from wine to soap.



Rossage is a new concept for corsages and accessories using real flowers that have been preserved to maintain their beauty.

Flower Holders

Flower Holders

Ideal to make boutonnieres and corsages that do not damage clothing.

Flower Accessories

Flower Accessories

Ideal to make accessories with preserved flowers or Bijoux.
They make beautiful and original brooches to adorn jackets or shawls.

Flower Ornaments

Flower Ornaments

These glittery picks are a novel way to personalize a flower arrangement or send an original message.

Bijoux Collection

Bijoux Collection

These coated petals are ideal for designing your own unique flower accessories. Just assemble with Bijoux Bond.

Bijoux Kits

Bijoux Kits

These complete kits contain everything necessary to make beautiful Florever accessories.

Bijoux Kits

Modern Bloom

Modern vase is handmade by Japanese craftsmen to accentuate the beauty of a single stem rose.

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